What's the notebookclass?

 What's the notebookclass?


The 8c is the first notebookclass in the >Rhein-Erft-Kreis<. For 6th month now we have worked with laptops. It's quite good because everything you don't know you can search for in the web, when you write a text you automatically write more, and quicklier and you often make Power-Point-Presentations and so on.


After our 6th class we had to chose Latin or French and we could chose wether we would work with laptops. 33 pupils chose laptopclass, only 28 came in. Now we're 27 because Markus had changed the school. He get epileptic seizures when he worked with computers too much.


Last time we had to present our work with laptops in school. Many politician came in our classroom and watched how the project >notebookclass< worked. The radio and the press were there too. We worked in groups about different themes with the topic climate change.

 Marla Rovers

21.9.07 09:08

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